About FunnyBone

What Is FunnyBone?

FunnyBone is an AI-powered humour search engine — it uses machine learning to find funny and unfunny words that are semantically similar to the given prompt. You can use it in many ways: creating attention-grabbing headlines, setting a lighthearted mood for a presentation, or simply adding humour to your writing. Whatever the context, FunnyBone can help you brainstorm ideas.

How FunnyBone Came To Be

FunnyBone originated as a tech demo for a humour-sorting feature I implemented while working at Datamuse. Written under the MIT license (alongside permission from my boss), I gave the demo a new user interface, which I released as FunnyBone. The finalized version of the humour-sorting feature is in OneLook Thesaurus, which offers more advanced usage of the FunnyBone feature set (along with other cool features).


To rank the words by their funniness, I used techniques discussed in the NLP paper: Cockamamie Gobbledegook for Nincompoops. Doug Beeferman, my boss at Datamuse, guided me and pointed me towards the resources I needed to complete this project.

And there's me :)

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